Thermometer Temperature Log Template

Thermometer Temperature Log Template helps you to keep track of reading or measurement of a specific temperature. An instrument that is used to measure the temperature of a system is said to be a thermometer. Measuring the temperature is important over a wide range of activities such as scientific research, manufacturing, and also in medical practice. The thermometer is invented by Italian scientist Galileo Galilei in 1592.

In the earlier 18th century, 35 different temperature scales were devised in thermometers. A standard scale ranged from 32 degrees, the melting point of ice, and to 96 degrees for body temperature. The unit of the temperature on the Fahrenheit scale is 1 by 180 as of the difference between the freezing and boiling point.

The very first Celsius Scale was developed in 1742 by Swedish Scientist Andres Celsius. He was introduced 0 degrees for boiling point for water and melting point of snow as 100 degrees. Later, it was inverted into 0 degrees as cold and 100 degrees as hot.

Free Thermometer Temperature Log Template

In this template of the Thermometer Temperature Log in MS Word file, you can easily list up readings of your body’s temperature after taking three-time meals. After taking a reading, you can write actions that need to normalize the temperature and also precautions to prevent something dangerous. However, you can use this template for a whole month on a daily basis to keep track of the reading of the body’s temperature.

Thermometer Temperature Log

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Different Types of Thermometers

With the passage of time, medical science invents many different kinds of thermometers that help to easily take the temperature. These types include as follows:

  • Digital Thermometer: It’s the fastest technology that provides an accurate reading of the temperature. In this type, readings are taken from under the tongue, under the armpit, and also from the rectum.
  • Electronic Ear Thermometer: This type of thermometer is used in-ear to get the readings of the body’s temperature. It provides less accurate readings if there is much wax in the ear.
  • Forehead Thermometer: A forehead thermometer is less reliable than a digital one. It places on the temporal artery to get temperature readings.
  • Mercury Thermometer: It’s an older technology to get readings. Mercury thermometer placed under the tongue and need to check mercury rise. Once it stops, you can see your body’s temperature.

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