Temperature Log Sheet Template

A temperature log sheet is the documentation of manual temperatures for sensitive items as well as location. For example, food, equipment, medical storage areas, data center, and also the atmospheric environment. It is used to ensure that the items are maintained within the safe temperature ranges. Failure to maintain the item’s temperature levels causes legal disputes, steep losses, or penalties. Here, you can get a free sample of the temperature log sheet template.

On the other hand, it is a handwritten list that registers temperatures in items storage areas with the intention to make sure the actual level of temperature is safe and items will remain in proper condition.  In other industries, you must maintain proper temperature levels. This will not only save your property but also keep you out of legal trouble. For example, if you deliver a vaccination that has expired owing to poor storage conditions, you could suffer severe consequences.

Free Temperature Log Sheet Template

In this temperature log sheet, you can easily manage specific temperature records along with standard temperature measurements. This template comes in MS Word format and contains columns to record the time, temperature, and name items as well. Using this simple one, you can keep track of the temperature measures of food, medicine, or other items, etc.

Temperature Log Sheet


Importance of Temperature Log

Temperature log sheets are important quality assurance tools. They help to provide managers of the cold chain process or temperature-controlled industries, a piece of historical information that needs to understand how they can improve the temperature management process and ultimately protect the quality of their items.

Moreover, well-listed temperature log sheets will help companies to exhibit a high level of control in case of disputes as they provide discoverable legal evidence in law courts. It includes the actual recorded temperature readings, the time of recording, and also corrective actions. these factors help prove due diligence and show that they took all precautions to prevent the offense.

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