Cold Storage Temperature Log Template

Cold storage is the fundamental technique for extending the life of meals. Many products quickly soften and become mealy in texture when kept at environmental temperatures. To maintain the quality longer your meal, you must be kept meals in refrigeration. In this article, we have a free Cold Storage Temperature Log Template for you so you can easily keep track of the current, max, and minimum temperature of your meals.

Free Cold Storage Temperature Log Template

Prepare your temperature log for cold storage with the help of this template given below in MS Word format. This sample comes in blue and includes elements of the temperature log such as time, current temperature, max temperature, minimum temperature, and also a column where you can enlist the actions that need to maintain your machine. However, feel free and get the template for free in a zipped file.

Temperature Log for Cold Storage

The download link for this Temperature Log for Cold Storage is here.


More About Cold Storage Temperature

Some of the meal products have the longest storage life as compared to many and can be kept in cold storage for up to much time under ideal conditions and up to months in controlled atmospheres. Temperatures in cold storage may range from 32 to 38ºF that depending on the chilling sensitivity of the meals. Most food items can be stored at temperatures near 32ºF, but regular monitoring of room temperature is recommended to prevent freezing in rooms that do not maintain a compatible temperature.

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