Refrigerator Temperature Log Template

The refrigerator is the modern age food preservation machine. At the average temperature of the refrigerator, the machine keeps food cold and safe to eat for many days as well as for weeks. It helps to stop the growth of bacteria. In this age of cold storage, bacteria become antagonists. However, a refrigerator will be a good, happy, and healthy choice to keep food safe. In this article, we have a free version of the Refrigerator Temperature Log Template that allows tracking it’s the temperature of your machine.

Free Refrigerator Temperature Log Template

Use this refrigerator temperature log template in MS Word format to record temperatures for refrigerators and freezers on a regular basis. Using this template, you can prevent food loss and safe that refrigerated equipment is correctly calibrated and operational. However, download it for free in a zipped file.


Refrigerator Temperature Log

The download button for this Refrigerator Temperature Log Template is here.


Temperature of Refrigerator

In fact, the ideal refrigerator temperature is lower. Keep the temperature between 35- and 38-degrees Fahrenheit or 1.7 and 3.3 degrees Celsius. This range is as close to freezing as you can get without actually freezing your food. It’s also as close as the refrigerator should come to 4.4 degrees Celsius, the temperature at which bacteria begin to reproduce rapidly.

The range of 35 to 38 Fahrenheit may get too high. In this condition, your food may get spoiled quickly and you can get tummy troubles with many types of bacteria.

How to Measure Refrigerator Temperature?

For measuring the temperature, you need a freestanding appliance thermometer. Place the thermometer in the refrigerator and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Check the meter reading and you may close to the refrigerator’s temperature on an ideal average.

Although, not all refrigerator temperature thermometers are accurate. In this situation, you need to set the temperature at 37 degrees Celsius. But remember, it will actually keep the temperature around 33 F or 41 F. However, it’s not typical for refrigerators to be some degrees off the mark that you set.

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