Product Storage Temperature Log Template

A food service operation needs to have clearly defined its product’s storage temperature and procedures for measurements. The refrigerator is an important Machin of product storage strategy. To prevent degradation and decomposition, most fresh foods or meal products must be kept in the refrigerator. The most basic thing to remember is to keep raw products below, not above, prepared or ready-to-eat foods. Using the product storage log template given in this article helps to easily track the temperature of each of your products.

Free Product Storage Temperature Log Template

Here is a Microsoft Word file that contains a sample of the product storage temperature log. It allows you to simply document the actual temperature of your products before and after usage, ensuring that they remain safe. Download this word file and open it on your phone or tablet before measuring the temperature, and then enter the temperature values in the spaces provided on the Celsius scale. Each part has a column where you can enter quality information about the product, such as its expiration date or other details. To acquire this sample for free, simply click the download button below the sample image.

Product Storage Temperature Log

The Download Button for this Product Storage Temperature Log Template is here.


Why Product Storage Temperature Essential to Measure?

Monitoring the temperature of the products is primarily used for quality assurance. With a product storage temperature log template, you can deeply record temperature measurements in storage areas and keep safe your products. By doing this procedure, you can prevent the spoilage of products that may harm your customers and also instigate litigation action.

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