Monthly Business Budget Template

A Monthly Budget Plan is an essential financial statement for a company. It allows how to direct your income to its needed most. The business budget provides key factors on the company’s current state and long-term financial goals including your company’s income as well as expenses. It will play an important role in making a financial decision for the business. A business budget plan should be the first task you tackle before starting a business. In this article, you’ll find a handy Monthly Business Budget Template to help make your own for your company.

Free Monthly Business Budget Template

Track your monthly expenses with the help of this monthly business budget template in MS Excel format. It provides separate sections to track your expenses and income along with projected, actual, and differences among both. This handy template makes the work quickly of tracking your business expenses and revenue stream and also provides the expense overview in the chart given at the top. This is an accessible option to manage or keep track of your monthly business budget in one worksheet. However, download this wonderful choice for free and start to plan your monthly business budget.



Why We Need Budget For Business?

Budget plays an important role in every business to track its financial health. A budget is actually a pre-planned financial statement of your income and spending as well. Using it, you will allocate funds for fixed items and activities of your company. However, it also helps you to set business goals, make good business decisions, and also get finance.

Elements of Business Budget Plan

  • Time Frame: In this element, you need to set your time frame for your budget which depends on your business requirements. It may be weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Fixed Expenses: In this step, you have to include all your company’s fixed expenses such as employee salaries, rent, and other essential costs.
  • Variable Costs: Within this, add your variable expenses such as utility bills, material costs, and also wages for your staff.
  • Income: Set your expected income that needs for the budget period. Once your business runs, you can look at the past periods to get an idea of your expected income for the future.

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