Modern Appreciation Certificate Template

The term “certificate of appreciation” refers to a document that is usually an award presented to a person or an organization for their great efforts and hard work. It can be used in any work field to express appreciation for their good performance. An appreciation certificate is gratitude from employers to their employees, from parents to their children, from an organization to a public servant, from a teacher to his/her student, from public to a politician, and so on. As we’ve known, these certificates of appreciation can be used in a variety of organizations to express thanks or respect for someone’s talent. Here, on this site, we have a modern example of an appreciation certificate template that will be helpful to present to employees, volunteers, or students for their great efforts and great efforts.

Free Modern Appreciation Certificate Template

Use our modern example of appreciation certificate template to appreciate the great efforts and hard work of your employees or students. The template as you can see in the preview below designed in a Microsoft Word file along with a blue and yellow color combination and professional layout. It features customized shapes, images, and text including the title, winner’s name, presenting wording or gratitude, issuing date, and authorized names with signatures, and you can easily change them as per your requirements. Moreover, the template enables you to change the text color, size, and font family which fits your own style. This could be also a good option to appreciate the students and employees for their excellent jobs and performances in the organization and for motivation to perform better in the future. To get this one for free, click on the download button provided down to this sample image.


Modern Appreciation Certificate Template Mockup

The Download Button for this Modern Appreciation Certificate Template is

Key Features and Benefits

Using our modern appreciation certificate template allows you to identify hardworking employees or students in the school or organization by seeing their best performance. The template will be very beneficial for all of you so that it makes you get the best output from your best performers and you can motivate them to work hard and keep moving in their field. However, you can also get the following features with this modern appreciation certificate template.

  • The appreciation certificate in this post provided you with 11x.8.5 inches or A4 Page size in landscape orientation.
  • It comes with fully editable and changeable components in MS Word format.
  • Very easy to use this appreciation certificate template.
  • Quickly customize the objects and elements including text, shapes, colors, and more.
  • Well-organized format of the text.
  • 100% print-ready, with 300 DPI, and CMYK color mode.
  • Files compressed in a zipped folder including free fonts.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word files.

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