Graduation Invitation Card Template

Do you wish to invite your friends and family to your Graduation party? In this case, instead of sending an SMS or email invitation to them, you can create a Graduation Invitation Card Template for them. So, make your graduation day even more wonderful and thrilling for your friends and family when they see your Graduation Invitation with joy and excitement. Our Graduation Invitation Card Template is not only simple to use, but it is also simple to customize. Not only can you alter the Graduation Invitation Template with Photoshop, but you can also use any other editing software you’re familiar with such as MS Office.

However, have a look at the Graduation Invitation Template when you’ve downloaded it, edit it out, and email the loved ones you choose. The Graduation Invitation Template collection we provided you in this post is extensive, and you may modify it even more. Get down to work and let your creative skills flow.

Free Graduation Invitation Card Template

Here is the super beautiful Graduation Invitation Card Template as you can see in the preview below, which helps to create your own graduation invitation. This creative example of a graduation invitation comes in Microsoft Word files with 5×7 (inches) in size. It features an awesome design including illustrations, sunflowers at corners, graduation hat images, awesome color combinations, a solid green border, attractive fonts, and wonderful typography.  The template enables you to edit the text by replacing the name, date, and time of the party, venues, graduation year, RSVP, and more as per your own. Further, you can also personalize the style of this invitation card according to your design skills. However, it will be a wonderful option to invite your loved ones on your special day of the graduation party. So, click on the download button that you can see down to this mockup image and get it for free in MS Word files, and start creating your own graduation invitation card.


The Download Button for this Graduation Invitation Card Template is

How to Customize the Graduation Invitation Card Template?

Graduation is a special event worthy of glorious design. You don’t need graphic designing skills to create a custom invitation card. With the help of the following steps, you can make an amazing and stylish invitation as per your wish.

  • Change the images: The template provided in this post is designed in Microsoft Excel format, so you can easily replace its images that suites your needs.
  • Change the Text and Fonts: You can also change the text provided on it as per your own with your favorite font styles.
  • Change the Background: The invitation card comes in a beautiful background design which can also be customized if you wish to change it.
  • Change the Colors: This template provided you with an awesome color scheme. However, if it did not match your design skills, you can change its colors as per your own wish.

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