Dish Machine Temperature Log Template

A dishwasher machine is used to clean dishes, cookware, and also cutlery items automatically. Manual dishwashing relies heavily on physical scrubbing to remove dirt. Whereas dishwashing machines clean them by just spraying hot water. The temperature of the dishwashing machine is typically between 45 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees celsius. At this temperature, you can just wash delicate items. However, a dish machine temperature log template will help you to keep track of the wash cycle as well as rinse cycle temperatures that need to clean your dishes.

Free Dish Machine Temperature Log Template

This Dish Machine Temperature Log Template comes in MS Word format. It will help you to easily maintain your Dish Machines in your Kitchen. The template features two separate sections for breakfast as well as lunch where you can easily track the temperature of the wash cycle and rinse cycle and then list up actions require to maintain your machine. Download the template for free by clicking on the download button.

Dish Machine Temperature Log Template

The download button for this Dish Machine Temperature Log Template is here.


Wash and Rinse Cycle Temperatures

The temperature of the wash and rinse water varies depending on which of the six wash cycles you select. The wash temperature ranges from 122 to 136 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the Rinse cycle ranges from 131°F to 154°F. Each cycle is described in detail in the dishwashing machine’s instruction manual, including the number of pre-washes, wash, rinse, and dry times, as well as the temperatures of each wash and rinse and whether or not the cycle provides rinse aid. However, dishwashing machines have successfully resulted from all except one of the cycles.


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