Cooking Temperature Log Template

Maintaining a perfect health department record is every restaurant manager’s wish. People need an excellent food service and you’ve worked hard to provide them. You’ve honed your customers and ensured that your food is one of the highest qualities. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about foodborne illness tarnishing your reputation. Having a cooking temperature log template encourages your employee’s accountability and helps you prevent a potentially terrible situation.

People of any food establishment face serious health issues from undercooked food. Bacteria is a significant risk in food that has not been prepared to the right temperature can make people sick. Following, we have a handy example of a cooking temperature log that you can provide your employees to measure and record each meal’s temperature.

Free Cooking Temperature Log Template

This handy and useful cooking temperature log in MS Word file will be a good choice to record the temperature of food after cooking. It includes major elements that you need to enlist such as internal temperature, maximum temperature, and also a column where you can write action to make quality more. This template allows editing its layout as per your own wish. However, get this cooking temperature log now for free by clicking on the download button given below the sample image.

Cooking Temperature Log


The Download Button for this Cooking Temperature Log Template is

Importance of Cooking Temperature Log

There are various reasons why food may be served undercooked by accident. Your Employees may forget to check the temperature of food before serving it, or the thermometer may need to be measured. These serious concerns can be avoided by keeping a good cooking temperature log. Employees are more likely to remember to monitor food temperatures if they are asked to fill out the sheet after each meal is prepared. Moreover, if there is a problem with your thermometer, the cook temperature log makes it simple to locate.

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