Body Temperature Log Template

People must be getting the measure of their fitness before they can undergo work or surgery. As part of these measurements, it is much important to check and enlist your body’s temperature level. Your body temperature log provides an initial record or a baseline. If your body’s temperature rises above the normal level, you may face an infection. Body temperature log allows you to ensure you’re fit or not. However, a high or low temperature will alarm you for any type of infection or disease. You can get a free version of the body temperature log template to help to make a list of your body’s temperature levels.

Free Body Temperature Log Template

Use the following body temperature log template in MS Word format to track your body temperature levels. It features blanks at the top where you can insert your name as well as date and month. In the given table, the template allows making a record of temperature levels on the Fahrenheit scale. You can use this template for a whole week and also enlist your family members’ body temperature levels. Click on the download button given at the bottom of the sample image to get this handy body temperature log for free.


Body Temperature Log

The Download Button for this Body Temperature Log Template is

How to Measure Body Temperature?

For checking your body’s temperature, you need a clinical thermometer that contains mercury. A clinical thermometer is the most commonly used and accurate thermometer. Digital thermometers are also on the option but batteries are required to use them. Apart from it, you need a watch to note the time, a tissue or a dry swab to clean the thermometer before and after measurements, also a pen and sheet to enlist the temperature levels.

Note that: Mercury is a toxic element. If the clinical thermometer breaks, you should put the gloves on hand and then a piece of cloth to throw out the mercury into a bin.

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